Beginner’s Guide to Tuition: Singapore


Getting average/below average marks for exams? Ever wondered how to improve your academic grades?

Tuition is a popular solution to the problem, that is both proven and effective.

You see many tuition centres boasting their students improving from F9 to A1 within 3 months, or even obtaining an incredible 9 Distinctions for O Levels – tuition really is effective.

Find out all about tuition in our Beginners’ Guide to Tuition Singapore, to unlock your child’s true potential.

(a) Tuition Options

With the tuition industry being worth over a billion dollars in Singapore, you can be sure there are many available venues for tuition Singapore:

  1. Group Classes
  2. Home Tuition
  3. Online Tuition

Above mentioned are the tuition options available, with a few other factors that differ from every tuition provider; rates, qualifications & experience of Tutor, specialisation & expertise.

1. Group Tuition

Group classes is tuition in a group setting, usually with 3 or more students. Classes are mostly conducted by Ex-School teachers, sometimes Full-time Tutors.


Group tuition is usually held at tuition centres, or at the tutor’s place.

Some of the more renowned group classes are: Anthony Fok’s JC Economics, AceBrainery’s A Level Chemistry tuition (both range from $100-140/h).


– Well-established tuition schools guarantees results and hires well-known teachers
– Qualified and experienced tutors, mostly NIE-trained School teachers
– Fees for group tuition are cheaper, for less established classes
– Materials are provided (for some classes)


– Specialised in teaching only 1 subject
– Help is not as personalised due to tuition in a group setting
– Similar learning environment to School
– Fixed schedule, timeslots are limited as classes are fixed
– Class time is fixed; tutor will not stop or repeat lesson if you are late
– Travelling expenses to the location is on the student

If you are looking for smaller, less established tuition classes, you can browse Facebook groups, or through recommendations.

2. Home Tuition

Most students have had 1-to-1 tuition in the past, or currently have a weekly home tutor.

Home Tuition is the most popular option for tuition due to the flexibility it offers – timeslots, rates, tutor requirements, whether an Undergraduate/Full-time Tutor/MOE School teacher.


– Tuition held at tutee’s place, no expenses incurred
– 1-to-1 tutor to tutee setting; personalised help and learning pace
– Multiple subjects in one session
– Flexible schedule able to postpone lessons if needed
– Able to have preference for race/gender of tutor for comfortability
– Price is quite flexible as each tutor has their own rates (See: average rates)
– Increase tuition frequency closer to exams


– Some require a few tries to find the right tutor if you have many requirements and expectations

In Singapore, there are many tuition agencies offering home tuition Services, with more established ones like CocoTutors.

online-tuition (1)

3. Online Tuition

Online tuition is a new form of tuition that emerged in recent years.

Fewer students use this option as it’s concept is relatively new, many still prefer the traditional options like Home Tuition and Group classes.


– Schedule lessons anytime
– Fees are significantly cheaper compared to the other alternatives
– Ease of increasing tuition frequency


– Lack of accountability, no face-to-face interaction 
– Need to have good working computer with webcam and microphone
– May have latency/connection issues

There are quite a few tutors that offer online tuition as a means, you can give it a try if your schedule is jam-packed.

(b) Tuition Rates

Average Rates for a Primary 6 Math tutor is $20-60/h. 

Why is the difference in rates so much? Depending on the expertise and specialisation of the tutor, the rates are proportional.

A Level/Undergrads Graduate/Full-time Tutor Ex/Current MOE Teacher
Primary 1-3
Primary 4-6
Secondary 1-2
Secondary 3-5
Junior College 1-2

More experienced and qualified tutors would also mean higher tuition fees.

These are also the same tutors that have a proven track record, and guarantees a Distinction out of your child.

Worth it? You bet so (See: 4 Important Rules to find a good Tutor)

(c) Type of Tutor

Qualifications and Experience of the tutor is the main factor influencing the rates.

Tutors can range from Diploma/A Level Graduates, Undergraduates, Graduates/Full-time Tutors, to MOE School teachers (ascending order of qualifications).

1. Diploma/A Level graduates

Tutors in this group have 0-2 years of tutoring experience – most of them are new to tutoring.

A Level graduates are also extremely familiar with the new syllabus as they had taken the same exam a few years ago.

This group also offers the cheapest rates, with the inexperienced tutors willing to offer the lower end, even $15/h to gain tutoring experience.

2. Undergraduates

Most undergraduates have 1-3 years of tutoring experience.

They are currently in local Universities (NUS/NTU/SMU) majoring in different disciplines, from Sciences to Humanities.

Rates for undergraduates are from the middle to higher end for ALevel/Undergrads.

3. Graduates/Full-time Tutors

Tutors in this category are significantly more expensive.

Full-time Tutors/University Graduates have 5-20 years of tutoring experience, majority of Full-time Tutors giving tuition since their university days.

Most of them having upwards of 10 or more students, and have taken multiple graduating batches throughout the years.

4. MOE School teachers

MOE School teachers are the most qualified tutors, being NIE-trained and having taught in MOE Schools.

They consist of current School teachers or ex-School teachers. Many of the Ex-MOE School teachers go on to set up renowned tuition centres/group classes.

School teachers are the most well versed with the syllabus as they are the ones setting the exact format and questions for exams

Expect to pay a hefty price for MOE teachers. For current School teachers, they are only allowed to take up 2-3 students under the MOE Policy.

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