Singapore Tuition Horror Stories – Unsuitable Home Tutor


I’m sure many of us have heard before horror stories on tutors – cancelling lessons at the last minute, showing up late for tuition, taking frequent MCs, and doesn’t teach all that well anyway.

All of us want to avoid engaging these types of tutors, however there really is that unavoidable chance that we might engage one.

Below explained is a List of problems Parents might face with a tutor – as well as solutions:

1. Unsuitable Tutor

With reasons such as different learning styles, incompatible teaching methods, not comfortable, Parents may wish to cancel lessons with the tutor after one/a few lessons.

Every child is different, and have different learning needs – some respond better to constant practice, others require more exposure to different questions.

When the student and tutor can’t connect, it will be impossible for the student to learn anything from the lesson.

For the above reasons, it is clear-cut that lessons should not continue due to the tutor being unfit.

2. Frequent MC’s and Cancellations

Some tutors don’t have the welfare of your child as the priority.

Whenever they feel a little under the weather, feel lazy, or any last-minute appointments, they will cancel/reschedule the lesson without second thought.

These are the tutors that you should stay far away from. Imagine near major exam periods when you want to increase tuition frequency to prep, and the tutor is unable to commit.

Most of these tutors have already been filtered out by us, as we request our tutors to provide feedback from their past/current students, even reason(s) for stopping tuition.

3. Frequently Showing Up Late

If the full duration of the lesson is still completed even though the tutor shows up late, everything is fine.

If the full duration of the lesson is not completed, but instead stopped excluding the late time start, it is a sign of no accountability and responsibility – you should change the tutor

Some tutors have tight schedules, and arrange an alternative day for the full duration of the lesson to be conducted instead.

4. Falsifying Credentials

Cases where tutors fake their credentials these days are far and few between. There was a case in Singapore, a GEP tutor provided Math GEP preparatory classes costing hundreds per session but in fact never was trained in GEP like he claimed.

It is quite tough to falsify your credentials, as tuition agencies and tuition centres all request for a copy of the tutor’s academic certificates and achievements.

As an added layer of protection, TuitionAgency.SG requests for feedback from their past students as well as reason(s) for stopping tuition. 

This effectively stops anyone from falsifying their qualifications & experience, meaning all Tutor Profiles you receive are all verified.

What are my Options?

At any point in time if you have an unsuitable tutor, you can request a change of Tutor for Free.

TuitionAgency.SG offers a free cancellation & termination of Tutors at anytime (even after only one lesson), if you find that your tutor is not suitable.

A new List of Tutor Profiles for a replacement tutor will also be provided the pace of lessons will not be disrupted.

No charges for the above termination and replacement tutors.

For the case whereby the feedback on the tutor provided is very negative, you will not need to pay for the completed lesson (assessed on a case by case basis, not all cases are reimbursed).

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