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Yes. We require our tutors to submit a digital copy (screenshots/photos) of their Results Certificates – PSLE, O Levels, A Levels, to verify their credentials. 

Tutors that are unable to produce the above will not be considered for the assignment.

Once verification has been done, we will require our tutors to elaborate more on their tutoring experience – grades improvement, level & subject, how long, reason for stopping. We have a stringent processing criteria for our tutors to ensure the highest standards for Parents.

We have a minimum qualification requirement for our tutors to possess at least an A Level certificate or Diploma certificate.

All tutors are also to be 18 years old and above, and must have taken PSLE and GCE O’Levels in Singapore.

No, there are no registration/administration or hidden fees to register as a Tutor.

You will only be liable to pay for the Commission Fee after you have been successfully matched an assignment.

TuitionAgency.SG’s Commission is calculated at 50% of the first 4 weeks of the agreed tuition frequency.

Tuition frequency is usually based on once, twice or thrice a week. Our Commission is based only on the first 4 active weeks of tuition, not subjected to cancellation of lessons.

For example:
Tuition rate = $50/h
Tuition frequency: 1 lesson/week x 2h
Tuition Fees (4 weeks): 1 lesson x 2h x $50/h x 4 weeks = $400.00
Commission Fee = $400.00 x 50% = $200.00

We will collect the first 2 weeks of tuition fees. Tutor will only receive payment directly from the Parent starting from the 3rd week (assuming no cancellation of lessons).

Parent and Tutor are to make payment arrangements – weekly/monthly, cash/bank transfer.

If for any reason the Parent chooses to terminate the assignment before the completion of the first month, our Commission will be 50% of the total hours completed.

For example:
Tuition frequency = 1 lesson/week x 1.5h
Total number of completed lessons = 2 lessons
Total number of hours completed = 2 lessons x 1.5h = 3h
Commission = 3h x 50% = 1.5h

It depends based on your qualifications & experience. Some Parents also request for A Level graduates or Undergraduates, to fit their budget.

However, if you find that you do not have much experience or great qualifications, we advise you to lower your rates to build up your experience and Tuition Portfolio, and increase your chances of getting a job in the future.

Yes it will be difficult, since majority of our tutors are A Level graduates – most Parents prefer A Level graduates over Polytechnic students. It will be even more difficult if you did not obtain an A for the subject you are applying for.

To justify your desired rate, you can pass our agents feedback from your current students with mentions of grade improvements. This will convince Parents to select you, and to secure a better tuition rate.

(a) Apply for an assignment as soon as possible. We will usually send out Tutor Profiles to the Parent a few hours after the assignment has been sent.
(b) Provide detailed information of your Qualifications & Tutoring Experience. State number of years of tutoring experience, grades improvement of tutees, as well of number of students currently.
(c) If Parent requests to have a phone interview with you, speak confidently over the phone, elaborate on your teaching style and what you plan on doing for the first lesson.

Due to an overwhelming number of applicants for our tuition assignments, we will only be contacting shortlisted tutors. 

We are unable to provide personal updates when assignment has been taken up or etc.

  1. Please be 10-15mins early as you might not know the area.
  2. Prepare adequately as the Parent might still change their mind if they decide that the tutor is unsuitable
  3. Should you have any issues such as being unable to find the location/emergency, you can contact our agents or call the Parents directly – contact information is provided before the lesson.

If you would like to guest post or provide study tips for our readers, you can submit your article to our email [email protected].

If we find the articles informative and useful for our readers, we will definitely post them!


Our service is 100% free for Parents/students. The agent fee is paid by the tutor.

However, please take note that for the first month, you are required to retain 50% of the tuition fees (first 2 weeks) for the agreed tuition frequency, and pay it to us directly.

We will get it touch with you once the tutor has completed the first 2 weeks of tuition.

All tutors we send you, are hand-picked and filtered by our tuition coordinators. 

Our tutors are required to submit their results certificate (PSLE, O Levels, A Levels) to us before they can be considered for the assignment. All our tutor’s credentials are verified by our agents. You can also request for the tutor to produce a copy of their result certificates to verify on your end as well.

In the case of the tutor’s credentials being inaccurate, please contact us immediately. We will determine the cause and if it is a deliberate fraud, we will get you a new tutor and the first lesson given by the fraudulent tutor will be free of charge.

Your assigned coordinator will contact you shortly, as fast as 10 seconds after submitting your request, up to 2 hours. Our coordinators are really quick!

Once we have obtained the necessary details, we will be able to blast the assignment out to our tutors. 

You will usually receive a List of Tutor Profiles within 2 hours, longer if you have more specific request: e.g female Chinese MOE School teacher.

Your assigned coordinator will contact you shortly, as fast as 10 seconds after submitting your request, up to 2 hours. 

Our coordinators are really quick!

You can also call us directly to make a Tutor Request.

Tuition rates varies between tutor to tutor as they have different qualifications and experience (Tutor Portfolio).

Here are the range of tuition rates you can expect:

Primary: $20/h – $50/h
Secondary: $30/h – $65/h
Junior College: $40/h – $100/h
International Baccalaureate: $45/h – $100/h
University – $60/h – $120/h

If you have a specific budget you would like us to work with, you can add in your budget in our Tutor Request form.

If our tutor did not meet your expectations, and you would like to terminate subsequent lessons with the tutor, you can inform our agents directly and we will make the necessary arrangements.
There is no fees for the termination/cancellation of our tutor.

We can provide more tutors for you to choose from, until the perfect, most suitable Tutor is found for your Child.

You will only need to pay after the lesson has been completed, no need for advance payments.

Here are the payment methods available:

  1. POSB/DBS PayLah!
  2. Internet Bank Transfer
  3. Cheque

We will send you the payment invoice to your email once the first lesson has been completed. Payment details are provided in the invoice.

Tutors that have performed unsatisfactory will be barred from applying for future assignments with us. They will be blacklisted in our systems, and unable to take up any assignments with us.

This ensures Parents can enjoy only the best Tutors from us.

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