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    Looking for Science Tuition Singapore?

    Are you looking for Science Tuition? We are a Tuition Agency that has thousands of tutors specialised in providing Science tuition Singapore. Our home tutors are able to teach Primary Science, PSLE Science tuition, Secondary Science, O Level Physics tuition, Biology tuition, Chemistry tuition, Combined Science tuition, JC H1/H2 Physics/Chemistry/Biology, A Level H1/H2 Science tuition, for all levels through P1-6, Sec 1-4, JC 1-2.

    All of our Science tutors have scored extremely well for Science throughout PSLE, O Levels and A Levels. Many Science tutors major in Biomedical/Life Sciences, or Medicine/Engineering in University as well. Tutors range from Undergraduates currently in University, University Graduates, Full-time Tutors, Ex and Current MOE School teachers. The more experienced Science tutors have been teaching many graduating classes year after year, and know the amount of practice needed and techniques to be able to answer every question correctly to score the Distinction

    Whether your child is looking for PSLE Science tuition or JC A Level H2 Physics tuition, we are confident of finding the right tutor for your son/daughter! Forget about tuition centres/group classes, your child won’t listen since the learning environment is like a School. Get an experienced tutor for 1-to-1 private Science tuition Singapore!

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    PSLE Science, O Level Phy/Chem/Bio, A Level H2 Phy/Chem/Bio Tuition

    Science is one of the more technical and relatable subjects – something we all experience in our daily lives. Science encompasses many different aspects, such as Physics, Biology and Chemistry; how our body functions and the different processes (Biology); how certain compounds react with other compounds/elements (Chemistry); how aeroplanes fly using force and speed to create lift (Physics).

    Primary level Science only starts at Primary 3, where students learn about energy, plants, life cycles and etc. The concept of Science and the technique for answering questions might be completely new to students, as it is not practiced in other subjects. The use of correct keywords, suggesting alternative ideas are some of the requirements of scoring well in Science

    For Secondary level Science, O Level Physics/Chemistry/Biology, it is all about practice, memorisation, and applying what you learnt to the questions (problems). At the O Levels, 2 types of Sciences are available: Combined Science and Pure Science, the latter is of much more depth and breadth. It is harder to score in Pure Science as the content mastery required, which is why many students go to tuition to help them solve their doubts and questions before O Levels.

    Science at JC level is at another level. If you are already struggling with Pure Sciences in the O Levels, you will definitely do badly H2 Physics/Chem/Biology at the A Levels. Everything you learnt in Secondary school is just on the surface only, almost all students request for a H2 Physics/H2 Chemistry/H2 Biology at this point, as it is only a short 2 years to the ALevels.

    For Science, it is all about explaining ideas with the correct keywords. A good Science tutor will be able to prepare the student sufficiently for Science tests/examinations, ensuring they have the highest chance of scoring the A/A* that he/she deserves.

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    Hourly Science Tuition Rates Singapore

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    For IB, IGCSE, SAT, Polytechnic, University, 3rd Language, Nursery:
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