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    Looking for PSLE Tuition Singapore?

    Are you looking for PSLE Tuition? We are a Tuition Agency that has thousands of tutors specialised in providing PSLE tuition Singapore. Our home tutors are able to teach Primary English, Math, Science, Chinese, Higher Chinese, Malay, Tamil, to prepare for PSLE.

    All of our Primary School tutors have went through PSLE, and scored many Distinctions, even A* in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Tutors range from Undergraduates currently in University, University Graduates, Full-time Tutors, Ex and Current MOE School teachers. The more experienced Primary School tutors have been teaching many graduating classes year after year, and know the foundation and content mastery needed to score well in PSLE.

    Whether you are looking for an MOE School teacher, Full-time Tutor or an Undergraduate to prepare your child for PSLE, we are confident of finding the right tutor for your son/daughter! Forget about tuition centres/group classes, your child won’t listen since the learning environment is like a School. Get an experienced tutor for 1-to-1 private PSLE tuition Singapore!

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    Primary 6 PSLE Tuition

    Your child is in Primary 6, the year he/she will be taking PSLE. You want your child to go into the better/best Secondary Schools in Singapore. You want them to score their best and get A’s for PSLE. They are currently scoring B/C, some subjects just passing. What are the chances your child can miraculously score an A for PSLE?

    Many Parents prepare their child for PSLE as early as Primary 3, having tuition all the way up to Primary 6. They understand that if their child is merely scoring low A’s or B’s, it will be quite hard to move up to an A or A* during the PSLE, especially when everything is tested for PSLE.

    PSLE determines which Secondary School(s) you can enter, as well as the friends and connections you can make. PSLE is also a partial indicator of whether you will be entering JC, Poly or ITE, as well as your future career path. 

    At the Upper Primary level, tuition is even more important to prepare for the impending PSLE. All concepts and content from P1-6 are tested, and students are graded against one another. Without a tutor, the student will be severely disadvantaged for PSLE. A good Primary School tutor will be able to prepare the student sufficiently for PSLE, ensuring they have the highest chance of scoring the A/A* that he/she deserves.

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    Hourly PSLE Tuition Rates Singapore

    A Level/Undergrads Graduate/Full-time Tutor Ex/Current MOE Teacher
    Primary 1-3
    Primary 4-6
    Secondary 1-2
    Secondary 3-5
    Junior College 1-2

    For IB, IGCSE, SAT, Polytechnic, University, 3rd Language, Nursery:
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