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    Looking for N Level Tuition Singapore?

    Are you looking for N Level Tuition? We are a Tuition Agency that has thousands of tutors specialised in providing N Level tuition Singapore. Our home tutors are able to teach Secondary English, Math, Science, Chinese, Geography, History, Literature, Social Studies, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Art, Higher Chinese, Malay, Tamil, for the O Levels.

    All of our N Level tutors have went through N Levels and even the tougher O Levels, and scored many Distinctions, some obtaining from 6-9 Distinctions (A1-A2) at the GCE O Levels. Tutors range from Undergraduates currently in University, University Graduates, Full-time Tutors, Ex and Current MOE School teachers. The more experienced Secondary School tutors have been teaching many graduating classes year after year, and know the foundation and content mastery needed to score well in both the N and O Levels.

    Whether your child is looking for to prepare for N Levels in Secondary 4N, or will be taking their O Levels in Sec 5, we are confident of finding the right tutor for your son/daughter! Forget about tuition centres/group classes, your child won’t listen since the learning environment is like a School. Get an experienced tutor for 1-to-1 private N Level tuition Singapore!

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    Secondary 4 N Level Tuition

    N Levels is the examination Secondary 4 NA and NT students take. This exam determines if they will going to ITE, PFP (Polytechnic Foundation Programme), or carry on to Secondary 5 to take O Levels. Most students go to either PFP, or Sec 5. 

    However, in order to qualify for either PFP or Sec 5, students have to score well for all their subjects in N Levels. Scoring well for all subjects means that they cannot neglect any one of their subjects, as it will pull their overall score down. Hence, many Parents get tuition for their children to prepare for the N Levels, subsequently O Levels.

    Many Parents get tuition for their children to prepare for the N Levels, starting from Secondary 3. Students only have a short 2 years to prepare for their N Levels, to master all 5 subjects (some even up to 7). Most students lack the proper studying techniques to study effectively. They are unable to study effectively, and also lack memorisation skills, all of which a tutor is able to teach and pass on.

    Without a tutor, the student will be severely disadvantaged for N Levels. A good N Level tutor will be able to prepare the student adequately for N Levels, ensuring they have the lowest scores for all their subjects, scoring the A1/A2 that he/she deserves, going to PFP or Secondary 5, the route that they prefer.

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    For IB, IGCSE, SAT, Polytechnic, University, 3rd Language, Nursery:
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