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    Looking for JC Tuition Singapore?

    Are you looking for Junior College (JC) Tuition? We are a Tuition Agency that has thousands of tutors specialised in providing JC tuition Singapore. Our home tutors are able to teach H1 General Paper, H1/H2 Mathematics, H1/H2 Chemistry, Biology, Physics, H2 Computing, H1/H2 Geography, History, Literature, Economics, GSC/CSE/ELL/KI, H3 subjects, for all levels through JC 1-2.

    All of our JC tutors have went through A Levels, and scored many Distinctions, many obtaining 90 rank points (perfect score) for the GCE A Levels. Tutors range from Undergraduates currently in University, University Graduates, Full-time Tutors, Ex and Current MOE School teachers. The more experienced JC tutors have been teaching many JC batches year after year, and know the foundation, content mastery and critical thinking needed to score well in the A Levels.

    Whether your child is looking for JC 1 tuition or JC 2 crash course tuition for A Levels, we are confident of finding the right tutor for your son/daughter! Forget about tuition centres/group classes, your child won’t listen since the learning environment is like a School. Get an experienced tutor for 1-to-1 private JC tuition Singapore!

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    Junior College (JC) Tuition Singapore

    Many Parents get tuition for their children while they are in Junior College (JC). In Junior College, content is 10x harder, more in depth than compared to O Levels. If you thought Secondary School was tough, A Levels will be much tougher. Not to mention, JC students have 7 subjects to manage, 5 content subjects, all within the short 2 years. 

    Most, if not every student struggles with the workload and intensity of JC H1/H2 subjects, when they enter Junior College. It is said that Combined Science (Chemistry) is Level 1, Pure Chemistry is Level 2, H2 Chemistry is Level 10. Imagine that, with 5 subjects! The content and the question requirements in JC tests/exams are very tough, you can take a look at any JC Ten Year Series for proof! Hence there is a need for tutors to help the student in the short 2 years in Junior College, preparing for the A Levels.

    In JC 1 (J1), students only have a very short time to adapt to the new environment and lecture style lessons. Very soon, they will be taking their J1 Promotional Examinations in September/October, then afterwards taking their A Level H1 Chinese Exam as well as H1 Project Work. There is only a very short runway to transit from orientation to full-on mugging for examinations.

    In JC 2 (J2), A Levels is just a mere few months away. The A Level examination is the qualifying examination for entry into Local University (NUS/NTU/SMU/SUTD) and some overseas Universities. In the event that your child’s grades do not meet the minimum IGP (Indicative Grade Profile) and fails to enter university, the A Level certificate will be all but of any use. A good JC tutor will be able to prepare the student sufficiently for A Levels, ensuring they have the highest chance of scoring the A, or rank points that he/she deserves.

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